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KNITS by cindy ekman

KNITTINGNOTES - the knitting planner

KNITTINGNOTES - the knitting planner

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The booklet is mostly in English with a few additions i Swedish

My favorite project, the knitting planner, is a booklet designed to keep track of everything from your ongoing projects, to your yarn stash, to what knitting needles you have, and many other ways to spark inspiration and creativity.

I, Cindy, have designed and layouted the inside and the outside, then the booklets themselves are printed and assembled by my colleagues in Jakobstad. It doesn't get more local than that.

The cover is made of a paper called soft milk, you can only imagine how comfortable it is in your hand. In addition, we have added clear plastic sheets so that the booklet can be used for a long time.

We hope for many inspiring moments with your Knittingnotes.

All Knittingnotes come with two stickers to decorate the inside.


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