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KNITS by cindy ekman

The Knitters neck light

The Knitters neck light

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Light up your night with this must-have neck light!

Whether you're reading a book or knitting a sweater in your car, this super-convenient light source will ensure you can see the colors of your yarn perfectly with its 3 different warmths and different brightnesses.

Never worry about batteries again - this baby is USB-C rechargeable! What more could you ask for?


The product is made in China.

How to use

• The lamp has a memory function of light brightness and hue - the last used will be default when turning on the light.

• Press the power key to turn on/off the light. 

Press and hold the power to lower the brightness. Press and hold again to increase the brightness. The lamps brightness modes are 15% and 100%.

• When the light is turned on - press ☼ to change the temperature modes between warm, neutral and cold. Long press to enter the SOS flashing mode.

• The neck lamp has a travel lock on/off function.

To enable: When the light is off, long press the power key for 3 seconds and the light will flash twice, the system enters the travel lock-anti touch mode. In anti-touch mode, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to unlock and turn on the light.

Care information

The neck light can be adjusted to fit comfortably around your neck.

To extend the lifespan, reduce unnecessary bending.

Avoid contact with any fluids. The product is not waterproof.

Batterytime and charging

The neck lamps total batterytime is 4-15 hours depening of what brightness is being used.

Charging time for full capacity is 120min.

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