Get to know the KNITS case - multifunctional and made in Finland.

It is abolutely time - to really get to know the KNITS Case! 
This is the ultimate organizer. Since I graduated and became a seamstress in 2013 I have loved to create products for organizing. As you may understand, the amount of knittingorganizers created are a few, so to say.
But all the ones I created had one thing in common, they were not optimal on every aspect.
One maybe was big enough, but then it was too complicated to open, so I wouldnt use it.
The other was easy to open but now spaceous enogh, and so on...
But this little thing, is perfect. 
the KNITS case

✓ Spaceous - it all fits!!
✓ Easy to open
✓ doesnt take much room
✓ Extremely multifunctional
✓ 100% handmade in Finland
✓ Cotton + leather
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