My 3 steps for shifting seasons in my wardrobe!

Before packing away your winter wardrobe - get out your wool comb and get those lints shaved off, the wool hung out in the breeze and leather shoes polished.

My knitted wardrobe aren't usually packed away, because, let's face it - I live in Finland. There has been times when midsummers eve has been as cold as Christmas. 🥶'
But eighter way my grand garment-clean-marathons are alway held in spring and autumn

These three steps are the ones I usually do:

1. Take care of your clothes. Clean, iron. For wool - remove lints and hang out.
2. Sort out! This goes for both typical seasonal clothes -> into storage and to sort clothes that need repairing/are worn or grown out.
3. Tidy up! This is the hardest part because by now my bedroom usually looks like a wardrobe exploded. The last one, tidy up! Now your wardrobe is inpiring and ready-to-use again, make it pretty and organized and your good to go for the new season.
Hopefully you did nr.2 last autumn and your summer clothes are clean and ready to put in to the closet again.
Repeat for the kids wardrobes. 🫠
Observe that we clean before we sort out - donation dirty clothes is a no-go. Personally I don't feel like I can't prioritize to even iron my clothes in use right now so I don't iron all the skirt and dresses I'm donation, but they are always clean.

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