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Discover the Magic of Knitting with Our Smart Row Counters

Hello dear knitters and crafting enthusiasts!

Here at KNITS, we are proud to introduce our latest knitting accessories that will revolutionize your knitting game – our smart row counters! These little gems are not only beautiful but also incredibly practical, and they will quickly become your indispensable tool for every project.

Why Row Counters?

Knitting is an art form that requires precision and a love for details. Our row counters are designed to make your knitting easier by helping you keep track of rows and enhance the joy of your handiwork. Each row becomes easier to manage, allowing you to focus on the creation itself rather than worrying about losing count.

How Does It Work?

Our row counters have a smart design with rings that easily move towards a decorative detail for each knitted row. This provides you with a visual indication of how many rows are left before the next decrease or increase. To see how easy it is to use our row counters, check out our video tutorial on Instagram!

Handmade in Finland

We at KNITS are proud to say that our row counters are handmade in Finland. Each row counter is crafted with care and attention to detail to ensure that you receive a high-quality product.

So, if you want to elevate your knitting to a new level of convenience and joy, our row counters are the perfect choice!

To explore our full range of row counters and other knitting accessories, visit our collection of Tools & accessories.

Knit with love,
The Team at KNITS

Row counter for knitting, on a projects in blue/petrol coloured yyarn.



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