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KNITS by cindy ekman

Mitten blockers

Mitten blockers

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The mitten blockers you want to hang up on the wall!

Size S works good for teenage sizes up to womens size S.
Size L is a regular mens size.

Mitten blockers are used for knitted mittens to help shape and size the finished mittens during the blocking process. Blocking is a technique in knitting where the finished piece is shaped and allowed to set in its final dimensions. Mitten blockers are especially useful for mittens because they provide a structured form that helps the mittens dry in the desired shape, making them look more professional and polished.

When using this tool with damp or wet products, wrap it in plastic film och put it in a thin plastic bag first to ensure the product will look neat for a longer period of time. 

Here are some reasons why mitten blockers are commonly used:


  1. Shape Retention: Mitten blockers help maintain the intended shape of the mittens. They can prevent the mittens from looking misshapen or uneven by providing a consistent and defined form.

  2. Drying Aid: When wet, knitted items can lose their shape or stretch out. Mitten blockers provide a framework for the mittens to dry in the correct size and shape.

  3. Even Stitch Definition: Using blockers ensures that the stitches are evenly distributed and the fabric looks uniform. This is particularly important for textured or patterned mittens where stitch definition is key to the design.

  4. Professional Finish: Blocking with mitten blockers can give your finished mittens a more professional and polished appearance. It adds that extra touch to your handmade items.

  5. Sizing Consistency: If you're making multiple pairs of mittens, using blockers helps ensure that they all end up the same size and shape, providing consistency across your projects.

The product is made in China.

Care information

Our products should be handled with care.
Avoid to get them wet, keep them in a closed jar or bag when not in use to avoid oxidation that will discolour the metal details.

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