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KNITS by cindy ekman

The KNITS measure tool

The KNITS measure tool

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If you have to choose one tool for knitting, except yarn and needles, I would say choose this one. It has all the necessary measures. For gauge, knittingneedles from 2mm up to 12mm and also a row for crochet-hooks. 

The measurement tool is made out of bamboo.


Introducing the ultimate measuring tool for all your knitting needs - the KNITS measure Tool!

This handy device is specifically designed to help you measure your knitting, ensuring that every row is the correct length.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced knitter, our measuring tool is the perfect tool in your knittingbag. Lightweight and portable, you can take it with you wherever you go.

Optimize your knitting projects with our Measuring Tool, and keep track of your nedles.

With our tool, you can achieve precise measurements and perfect alignment, making your projects look more professional and polished. Improve your knitting skills and increase your accuracy with our easy-to-use and reliable measuring tool.

Order your Measuring Tool today and experience the difference it makes in your knitting projects! With our tool, you can take your knitting to the next level and create beautiful, precise, and polished projects that you'll be proud to show off. Don't wait, order now and start creating stunning knitted projects today!

The product is made in China.



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